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About Us

Corsica Corporation was established with the aim of streamlining the investment experience, making it accessible and stress-free for a broad audience. This ambition is founded on the principle that investing should be possible for everyone, regardless of their prior experience or financial background. The company's simplified processes are designed to welcome newcomers into the world of investment, offering pathways to both primary and secondary sources of income.

At the core of Corsica's values is the belief in the democratisation of financial growth opportunities. Under the leadership of Alex, our founder and managing director, Corsica Corporation embarked on its mission in 2023. Alex brings a rich background in financial markets and education, combined with a previous partnership in a fund, driving the company forward with innovation and a client-centered approach.

Alex's expertise in client acquisition and management underscores Corsica's commitment to its clientele. Recognising that the success of the corporation is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction of its clients, Corsica places a high priority on building and maintaining strong relationships. This focus ensures that Corsica Corporation is not just a company but a partner to its investors, guiding them towards financial success.

Our Operational Front Line


Alex George

Managing Director at Corsica Corporation | Client Acquisitions and Operations

Alex George stands at the forefront of the organisation, shouldering the responsibility for key operational decisions, as well as the intricacies of client acquisition and management. His role demands a broad spectrum of skills and expertise, particularly in navigating team dynamics and steering the business towards its strategic objectives. Alex's leadership is pivotal in shaping the company's direction, ensuring the team's alignment with the overarching goals and fostering a culture that prioritises excellence in service and operational efficiency.


Dr. Ayshan M. Abdullah

Chief Executive Office at London Trading Index | Trading and Investments

Ayshan, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of London Trading Index (LTI), plays a crucial role in our collaboration with LTI, our premier partner. Ayshan's responsibilities include overseeing and executing on investment and trading decisions, as well as managing our social trading fund, placing him at the forefront of driving our business towards success. His position as a key figure underscores the importance of his contributions to our strategic goals and operational achievements.


Sienna Fleur

Head of Marketing Strategy at Corsica Corporation | Marketing

Sienna's experience as a Social Media Manager at a Whisky Investment firm inspired her to embark on a new journey, founding a social media marketing company of her own to leverage the exponential growth of the digital landscape for her clients. As the leader of our marketing team, Sienna ensures our promotional activities are in line with legal standards, all while preserving our brand's integrity and esteemed reputation.


Louis Pollock

Affiliate Consultant at Corsica Corporation | Affiliate

Louis Pollock plays a vital role as an Affiliate Consultant, specialising in referring investors and supporting fellow affiliates. His contributions are key to enhancing our network's effectiveness and growth, fostering strong relationships and optimising affiliate performance.

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