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Multi-Asset Investment

Corsica Corporation is a leading Multi-Asset Investment Facilitator. We specialise in connecting discerning investors with a diverse array of high-quality investment opportunities.

What are the benefits of entering the market with us*?

Investment Offerings Built on Relationships

Strong Track Records

100% Fee-less Investments

Competitive Minimum Investments

Free Access to Our Exclusive Events

Diversity in Our Offerings

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*Corsica Corporation Limited is an Investment Facilitator between clients and the Investment Offerings. Corsica Corporation Limited does not engage in, handle, or have access to client funds. All client funds and transactions are exclusively handled by our Partners, the "Investment Offerings".

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What We Do 


Corsica Corporation is a leading Multi-Asset Investment Facilitator. We specialise in connecting discerning investors with a diverse array of high-quality investment opportunities. Our mission is to streamline the investment process by leveraging our extensive network of trusted partners, which includes Property Developers, Social Trading Funds, Crypto Partners and more.


We pride ourselves on our ability to match investors with tailored opportunities that align with their financial goals and interests. By acting as a conduit between investors and a variety of asset classes, we ensure that our clients have access to some of the best investment prospects available, all without the hassle of handling funds directly or providing specific financial advice.


We earn our revenue through referral fees from our partners, ensuring that our focus remains solely on facilitating the best possible connections for our clients. This means our clients will never have to pay a dime to us - ever. Whether you’re looking to invest in Property, diversify into Alternative Assets and/or explore the dynamic world of Social Trading, we are here to help you navigate and connect with confidence.


Why Corsica Corporation?

Investment Offerings Built on Relationships

Our Founder has spent over 4 years building and fostering strong business relationships with all of our partners, ensuring our clients are consistently satisfied with their services.

Investing With Us is Completely

As you are already investing, regardless of the size, we believe in making all of our services fee-less. We generate revenue from our partners after a successful facilitation.

Competitive Minimum

There are many factors that we take into account when entering a partnership with an investment company. A low, accessible Minimum Investment reflects our company mission.

Consistently Strong
Track Records

We ensure that our investment offerings have strong track records. Not just for generating consistent returns, but also a track record of outstanding client service and collaboration.

Diverse Asset

Like most investors, diversity is pretty high up on their investment thesis. As a Multi-Asset Investment Facilitator, we ensure to offer a range of investments, not just one.

Free Access to Our
Exclusive Events

At Corsica Corp, we enjoy a good time. We plan to host many events in the future, locally and abroad, and we love to share these experiences with Clients - at no cost to them.

Who We Serve

Boutique Funds

Retail Investors

Family Offices


Lenders & Banks

Alternative Asset Funds

External Allocators

Business Owners

Busy Parents

Current Students

Who We Serve

Serving a Wide Investor Type

Corsica Corporation proudly caters to a diverse spectrum of clients in the investment landscape. Our clientele encompasses individual retail investors, family offices, and boutique investment firms seeking specialised market returns. Additionally, we provide tailored services to high-profile individuals such as celebrities, as well as companies that represent or work closely with rising stars and influential personalities. We understand that each category of investor has unique financial goals and requirements, and we are committed to delivering a range of services that can enhance portfolio performance, provide strategic market advantages, and generate alpha and growth across different asset classes.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers



A Streamlined Process

Whole Process Can Be Complete in 24 Hours!

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