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Empowering your institution, one
trade at a time.

Championing the Cause of Intelligent Investing by becoming a crucial part of your institution's portfolio. With our long-standing reputation and consistent track records, we provide a seamless and memorable investing experience*.

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*Corsica Corporation Limited serves as an Introducer to London Trading Index, facilitating connections between clients and the brokerage. Corsica Corporation Limited does not engage in, handle, or have access to client funds. All client funds and transactions are exclusively handled by London Trading Index.

Institutions We Serve

Serving family offices, hedge funds & alternative investment firms in the UK, Europe and abroad

A common characteristic among family offices, hedge funds, and alternative investment firms is their willingness to embrace higher levels of risk, with the aim of achieving superior returns for their investors. To aid these entities in attaining their objectives, we offer them the opportunity to allocate a portion of their funds or cash portfolio to our Social Trading Fund. This strategy, enhanced by our exclusive hedging options, is designed to meticulously manage risk while ensuring the preservation of capital.

If you're considering diversification by allocating capital to a variety of strategies and funds to broaden your reach across multiple markets, Corsica Corp, together with its collaborative partners, is well-equipped to offer the comprehensive expertise and dedicated support essential for your organisation, family, or institution. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique investment objectives and risk profiles of our clients, ensuring a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing portfolio performance and achieving long-term financial goals.

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Our Chosen Market

The reasons behind our chosen financial market and our commitment

Our trading pool engages in within the FX market, employing a combination of strategies for both short and long-term positions, and use of hedging to reduce risk even further, with an emphasis on the major currency pairs due to high liquidity levels.

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Foreign Exchange (CFD's)

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Our Commitment to You

We concentrate on the Forex markets for several reasons. Firstly, it boasts a staggering daily turnover of $7 trillion, making it the world's largest financial market. This immense size is a testament to its global reach and significance. Additionally, the Forex market operates around the clock, providing continuous trading opportunities across different time zones. It's renowned for its high liquidity levels, which typically results in less volatility compared to other financial markets. This feature is particularly attractive for traders and investors seeking more stable environments. Moreover, at Corsica, our team and partners possess extensive experience and expertise within this asset class, positioning us ideally to navigate its complexities and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

At Corsica Corp, underpinned by our slogan, "Championing the Cause of Intelligent Investing," our dedication to your financial prosperity is constant. We recognise the trust you place in us when allocating capital across a multitude of strategies and funds, seeking to diversify and enhance your investment portfolio across global markets. With a wealth of expertise and a robust network of collaborative partners, we are uniquely positioned to provide the insightful guidance and support your organisation, family, or institution requires. Our commitment is to forge a strategic partnership that aligns with your distinct investment objectives and risk preferences, driving towards the optimisation of portfolio performance and the fulfilment of your long-term financial aspirations.

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